Framing is all about personal interaction, and for FastFrame of Santa Monica, that’s the best part of the job.


Wilson Kam from the Santa Monica FastFrame store jumped into the custom framing business in 2016, taking over a store that has been around for almost 30 years. Connecting with his customers is his favorite thing about his day to day work.

“I like helping customers, and finding out the story behind their artwork,” he said.


He got into the custom framing industry because he liked the business model, saying that it fit him and what he likes to do. Since FastFrame stores are owner-operated, it gives him the chance to really interact with this customers.



When you’re working to create something so personal for a customer, the quality and craftsmanship are critical, but so is the story behind the project.


The in-depth, personal design consultation that every FastFrame customer gets is a chance to find out more about the people coming into his store and what they care about. Wilson talks to each customer, learns their story, and then helps them create the perfect design for their project, whatever it is.


Once he knows the story behind the project and has worked with the customer to create the perfect design, Wilson turns the project over to his expert framers. He enjoys being out front, working directly with the people who come into the store. That individual attention is the foundation of his store.

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Every FastFrame store handles things that are important to their customers: memories, treasures, things that are part of their hearts and souls. And all of those items come with some kind of personal narrative.


We asked him about his favorite project so far, and he couldn’t pick just one, saying with a chuckle, “I like anything with a story behind it.”


As with any small business, the main challenge Wilson faces is increasing his client base. He noted that his main goal now is to grow the numbers of customers coming into his store.


Learning his customers’ stories is an important part of building this FastFrame store’s presence in the community. Keeping it personal and engaging is what Wilson does best.



Customers that are passionate about their projects get him excited about the work, too. And passion forms the core of his advice to other FastFrame store owners: “Stay passionate about what you’re doing; enjoy what you’re doing.”


Giving our customers that personal engagement and helping them tell their stories is what FastFrame, and Wilson, are all about.


Visit FastFrame of Santa Monica and begin working on your custom framing project today!

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